Dear Future IACBW Member,

Our membership benefits will allow you to take part in our monthly business meetings/trainings, receive ongoing support, receive effective training, connect  and network with other successful business women, as well as receive discounts for member services.

What sets IACBW apart?

We are an organization that seamlessly blends sound best business practices, Christ-centered principles and the spiritual aspects of business success into a one-of-a-kind experience. We bring the heart and spirit into business so we can bring all of our gifts and power forward in the process of achieving notable business success. We offer 3  levels of Membership in order to help you best achieve your goals.

Who is best served by IACBW?

IACBW is for Christian women business owners who are ready to move to new heights in their businesses.

IACBW Members are:

  • Christian Women called to build BIG businesses.
  • Christian Women who are ready to go deeper into the power of Kingdom and how to manifest it to build a business of influence.
  • Those seeking to deeply connect with other like-minded and like-spirited Christian women of different walks of life.
  • Women ready to walk in your full authority, power and dominion in your business.
  • Women ready to go beyond exchanging contact information and only sharing leads to increase your mastery and effectiveness in business.
  • Women called to and deeply desiring to be a Kingdom financier and support other women in reaching their destiny through business.
  • Business Women desiring ongoing support and connection to manifest new levels of success.
  • Business Women desiring to take their learning deeper and master every area of business so you can grow your team and reach your vision.
  • Interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise with others in the group so we can all Uplevel and Rise together.

Your Local IACBW Membership Includes:

  • IACBW Training Manual
  • IACBW Pen
  • IACBW Tote bag or portfolio
  • IACBW Business card holder
  • Company information listed in the online IACBW directory with a live link
  • Initial business assessment and analysis
  • 20% discount on IACBW live events, webinars, or other live and virtual training events not included in your membership package
  • Admission to the live monthly IACBW meetings
  • Featured space on the IACBW website (depending on the level of membership you choose)
  • Discounted access to e-blasts and website ads


There are three different levels of membership packages available. Our goal is to move you through the memberships until you are a Pinnacle member and have attained your business goals and vision. The date of your annual membership expires one year from the date of your enrollment. Please see the following page for details of each membership package.


This membership is fit for someone who is a new business owner and has been in business less than two years. This membership category includes those who have businesses on a part-time basis who have not made the transition to working her business full-time. This membership is also for those who are called to business, but have not yet started her business. This package provides more than $900 in savings.

*With Payment Plan Option: Once you pay your $79 deposit, you can elect a payment plan that works for your business cash flow.

*Your membership year begins at your time of enrollment in the membership program and will be active for 12 months from the date of your membership application acceptance.


This membership is a fit for a business owner who has been in full-time business for two years or more and is ready to grow and expand her business. She maintains an office (includes home offices) or a business facility and is involved in the policy-making process and overall daily management and operation of her business. This package provides more than $1200 in savings.

*With Payment Plan Option: Once you pay your $79 deposit, you can elect a payment plan that works for your business cash flow.


Our Pinnacle Membership is designated for business owners who have built successful businesses and are looking to make an impact beyond their business and industry to build the Kingdom of God. This business owner is ready to uplift other IACBW businesses and has recognition within city and region as an influencer and is engaged in activities that build a positive climate and help build economic prosperity. This package provides more than $1700 in savings.

*With Payment Plan Option: Once you pay your $79 deposit, you can elect a payment plan that works for your business cash flow.

Referral Discounts:

  • You receive an additional 10% discount for the first person you refer who becomes a Member.
  • You receive an additional 10% discount for the second person you refer who becomes a Member.
  • If you refer three people, you get 50% off of your membership fees. If you pay in full, you and your referrals must submit your application at the same time so the discount is applied to your one-time payment. If you are using the Payment Plan, the discount will be applied to your payments and not the deposit.

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