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There are three different levels of membership packages available. Our goal is to move you through the memberships until you are a Pinnacle member and have attained your business goals and vision. The date of your annual membership expires one year from the date of your enrollment. Please see the following page for details of each membership package.


  • Group of business people
  • This membership is a fit for a business owner who has been in full-time business for two years or more and is ready to grow and expand her business. She maintains an office (includes home offices) or a business facility and is involved in the policy-making process and overall daily management and operation of her business. This package provides more than $1200 in savings.
  • With Payment Plan Option: A one time payment of $79, plus $25 administrative fee (total of $104) and up to four equal payments of $79.50. Click here.
$497 Annually - Register Me for Excel Membership


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  • Our Online Membership is especially for those business owners that may not have access to our live local meetings or you are not able to attend the local meetings on a regular basis. This membership gives you access to all of the online business training center, teachings and resources and a listing in the largest Christian Women’s Business Membership Directory. As this portal continue to grow, you will also have access to all IACBW members around the country and are listed in the IACBW online business directory. This portion of the TAG website is password protected.
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$297 Annually - Register Me for Online Membership