After years of running a networking group model, we realized that you needed something more. You’re in this to WIN! So, we went to work to develop a working model that not only helps you identify where your business is in it’s growth trajectory, but all of these years in our “laboratory” have helped us define specific benchmarks we help you accelerate growing your business.

Quadrant 1 - Specialist

Your business is in S or in the Specialist phase of your business when you are still the only person working directly with your clients.

Some key characteristics of being a Specialist are:

  • Business not yet paying you a salary and are working invoice-to-invoice.
  • Being in survival/hustle mode that leaves you feeling stretched and often overwhelmed.
  • Being challenged in getting the time and space to be strategic
  • Doing all of the client work or product creation yourself
  • Wearing all of the hats stops you from focusing on revenue and sales.

Yes! I am a Specialist


Quadrant 2 - Development

Your business is in D or Development phase of your business once you solidify the foundation and are ready to build so your business becomes sustainable.

Some key characteristics of being in Development are:

  • Needing to better manage time and energy with increased productivity.
  • Needing a right-hand person to handle the execution of your business.
  • You are still spread too thin and need to build a well-trained and effective support and management team of employees.
  • Dividing time between a whole new range of demands requiring your attention.
  • Your business is paying you an under-market value salary.

Yes! I am in Development


Quadrant 3 - Growth

Your business is in G or Growth phase of business when your team is on board and you are focused on growing or scaling your business.

Some of the key characteristics of being in Growth are:

  • Most of your time is spent managing your team according to clearly defined and communicated goals.
  • You need dedicated teams for sales, marketing, customer service and product development.
  • Creating innovative and diversified revenue streams.
  • Needing to manage risk and make sure you are protected so you can expand into new markets.
  • Increasing team productivity and effectiveness so you can recruit and keep the best people.

 Yes! I am in Growth



Quadrant 4 - Maturity

Your business is in M or Maturity phase of your business when you are operating as the true CEO and are looking to replace yourself, franchise, sell or create a succession plan for the next generation.

Some key characteristics of being in Maturity are:

  • Operating as a CEO with full salary and benefits.
  • Expanding and perfecting products and services for long-term sustainability.
  • Thinking about succession and thinking about franchising, selling or making sure you have the right successor to build a long-term business.
  • Systems and records are in place to easily duplicate your business success.
  • Difficulty letting go and trusting others with the vision.


Yes! I am in Maturity



Now that you are clear, let’s GO!