“Wake Up Every Day With the Joy of Being 100% Certain of Who You Are, What God Created You To Do and Precisely How to Go About It.”

2-part Audio Course

Your Kingdom Assignment is the specific mission you are called and designed to complete in your lifetime.

God created you with a very specific purpose, yet it is said that fewer than 5% of people actually know what they are called to do and are actively living their purpose.

But, purpose is only a fraction of what it takes to know and live your Kingdom Assignment.

There is something beyond purpose.

You were created to live a deeply fulfilling life that leaves you feeling excited, energized, powerful and crystal clear about the greatness with which God created you.

Live in a space where insecurity, doubt and drama no longer touch your life.

Your Heavenly Blueprint holds the instructions to your Kingdom Assignment. I also share the specific steps you need to do in order to know the fullness of your calling and how to move forward with confidence and certainty that you are doing what God desires you to do.

When you have access to your Heavenly Blueprint and your Kingdom Assignment, your life moves into a whole new dimension of peace, joy and accomplishment.

In this course I share my process to receiving clear and precise instruction from God and how to tap into your inner greatness to carry out the instruction.

This audio course will teach you:

Class One:

  • Understand what it means to be truly Kingdom-minded
  • Decipher the 8 components of your Kingdom Assignment
  • Learn what pivots you need to make to get on track to fulfilling your Kingdom Assignment

Class Two:

  • Move beyond doubt and hesitation into certainty of who you are
  • Turn your potential into powerful results
  • How to activate the greatness in others to produce extraordinary results
  • Eliminate distractions and over-busyness that keeps you from focusing in and moving forward
  • Be inspired to express your true calling in every area of your life

You receive immediate access to this training course along with class handouts.


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the About the Trainer

Ericka D. James made two requests to God that forever changed her life. She was 17 years old when she asked the Lord to reveal the fullness of who He is to her. The second request came at the age of 25 when she asked the Lord, “To clean her up before He put her out there.” These two prayers elevated the trajectory of her life in profound ways.

Her primary gift is hearing and receiving new revelation directly from the Throne of God. She knows her Kingdom Assignment as a Kingdom Trainer who ushers you into the the full wealth of the Kingdom of God in business and life.

She is the CEO of The Convergence Center LLC, a world-class training and content creating organization, the Founder of The Alliance, the premiere training and development organization for Christian women entrepreneurs. She is also the Founder of the Kingdom Minister’s Association, a training and empowerment organization for ministers called beyond the walls of the church.

She is the creator and host of The Ericka James Show: Life on Purpose and has created a collection of highly sought-after trainings, certifications, and resources to help you understand what you were created for and how to build it.

When she is not working her business or ministry, you can find her reading, writing, attempting to be a painter and doing anything that makes her laugh with her family. Learn more about her life’s work and access her training programs and resources so you can build the limitless life God has called you to live by visiting www.Ericka-James.com.