What Sets The Alliance Apart?

The Alliance is an organization that provides training, guidance and a community of serious business women who are called to build business empires.

We are NOT your Average Networking Group.


We are connect you with other Kingdom-minded Christian Women Entrepreneurs to collaborate and impact the industry to which you have been called.


We help you reach and exceed your business goals and build a thriving business based on both proven business-building techniques and Christ-centered Kingdom principles.


It means setting aside the time to strategize your business expansion at our monthly live meetings. It is the time you spend “sharpening your sword” at our local chapter meetings, events and conferences, on our national trainings and through our online training center. It is YOUR time to remove the limitations and manifest the vision to which your business has been called.


It is boldly moving forward in certainty of what you are called to do and knowing the Biblical principles to create the resources you need to expand your territory and prosper.


It is a time of refueling and rejuvenating your vision so you can be the best version of YOU for your family, business and community.

We Help You Achieve Your Business Vision

We have four different levels of membership available. Our goal is to move you through the membership levels until you have attained your business goals as a Pinnacle Member. Our membership levels coincide with your current business income level. Our membership levels are:

Attendance to our live or virtual chapter meetings is by invitation only. You either have to be on the Alliance e-Community list, be invited by a member or attend our virtual reception for your invitation to a chapter meeting. Here is our Pathway to Membership:

You will get a better feel for The Alliance by receiving our updates, training announcements and mini-trainings. Once you are on our list, you will receive an invitation to an upcoming local or national chapter meeting.