What Sets The Alliance Apart

The Alliance is an organization that provides training, guidance and a community of serious business women who are called to build business empires.

We are NOT your Average Networking Group.


We are connect you with other Kingdom-minded Christian Women-owned Businesses to collaborate and impact the industry to which you have been called.


We help you reach and exceed your business goals and build a thriving business based on both proven business-building techniques and Christ-centered Kingdom principles.


We guide, support and inspire you to be a leader in the marketplace and make an impact in your community and region.

What does it mean to be a part of The Alliance?

It means setting aside the time to strategize your business expansion at our monthly live meetings. It is the time you spend “sharpening your sword” at our local chapter meetings, events and conferences, on our national trainings and through our online training center. It is YOUR time to remove the limitations and manifest the vision to which your business has been called.

It is a time of refueling and rejuvenating your vision so you can be the best leader of your family, business and community.


It is moving forward in certainty of what you are called to do and knowing the Biblical principles to create the resources you need to expand your territory and prosper.


It is not playing small or watering down your vision to make others comfortable, but walking in the fullness of your vision and being inspired by positive women around you who are cheering you on and will join you in celebrating your success.


It is a time of refueling and rejuvenating your vision so you can be the best leader of your family, business and community.

Why The Alliance?

There is a sense of urgency for those called to build businesses and professional ministries in the marketplace. It is time to move to new heights and create six and seven figure businesses so we can have greater impact on our families, communities, regions, nation and the world like never before.

We not only provide live and online training for Kingdom Business-Building women, we teach the tools to reach the revenue goals that God is requiring of you to fulfill the business assignment He has given you and impact others with the overflow. This is not just a time of gathering, this is a time for manifesting the results and profits that profoundly impact lives.

We are shining the Business Spotlight on member businesses that are growing and reaching their goals as they work with an all-star team of business professionals to implement proven techniques and systems that produce results and impact lives.

We are connecting Christian Women-owned Businesses around the nation (and world) to synergize and move in their areas of authority in the industries to which you have been called.

We Help You Achieve Your Business Vision

We have six different levels of membership available. Our goal is to move you through the membership levels until you have attained your business goals as a Pinnacle Members. The dates of your annual membership expires one year from the date of your enrollment. While our chapter meetings are Members-only, we have trainings and receptions throughout the year for those interested in being a part of The Alliance.

Although our chapter meetings are for Members-only, you can get to know us by attending an upcoming Alliance reception or training. Then,the next step is to attend one of our meetings. Our membership levels coincide with your current business income level.

Our membership levels are based on your current annual business revenue. In order to become a member, there is a one-time administrative initiation fee of $150. This fee must be submitted with your first month’s payment or your annual payment in order to activate your Membership. When you are ready to apply,¬† click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below. This will take you straight to the Membership Application.

Once your application is received, it will be considered by our Executive Leadership Team (within 48 hours) for final approval and payment will be due at that point. We will let you know if we need more information to process your application. You will receive a confirmation email that includes your initial payment link. Here are our Membership Packages:

Click Here to download these Membership documents.