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We are so excited to be able to provide products that will help grow your business! We will be adding new products frequently and encourage you to check back often. Each Audio Recording comes with a teaching packet. Enjoy!

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Keep your marketing fresh and creative so your target market lines up to work with you.

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Time Mastery for Visionaries: The Art of Getting It All Done ($97)

A 3-Part Audio Course That Will Transform Your Relationship to Time. This course will help you end the feeling of being stretched, stressed and pulled in too many different directions as you build the vision for your business or ministry.

It is time to move beyond not having the help you need that will free you up to get the very tasks and projects it will take for you to be able to easily afford to outsource areas of your business. It is time to get off of the “lack of time” merry-go-round.

This course will help you get there.

Precision Pricing: Mastering the Art of Perfectly Pricing your Programs and Products ($297)

Take the guesswork out of effectively pricing your coaching programs, consulting, small group training, classes, virtual webinars, private client work (VIP days, live private sessions, etc.), workshops, seminars, training programs, certifications, speaking engagements, billable time, products, and business-to-business professional fees and so much more!

You will be able to IMMEDIATELY raise your prices and possibly get a return on your investment in just one sale! 

Developing an Unshakeable Mindset of Success 6- part Audio Teaching ($157)

Most teachings on mindset are secular and leave you trying to rely only on a single aspect of what it takes to have highly developed mind that remains undistracted, sharp, and honed in on completing your calling.   It is time to connect, activate and harness the dormant power of your mind to fulfill the spiritual calling and destiny on your life.

"Sales Is A Great Word: The Art Of Closing The Deal Every Time" Audio Teaching ($57)

This 90-minute Teaching will help you;  Gain a Christ-centered approach to your sales methods, expect more out of your business sales.  to what this teaching did for one customer.

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"Turn Your Business Into A Money Making Machine Audio Teaching" ($49)

This 90 minute audio teaching walks you through 7 essential steps to increase your income and help you achieve your business goals.

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