After years of working very, very closely with many business owners, I am more clear than ever Successful business womanthat the one thing that stops us from building the empires God has placed within us is not about know-how, desire, expertise, passion or creative ideas to bring to market.

It is something much more subtle, yet it holds all of the keys to building the business of our dreams – your POWER.

Building a business is not always easy. It is not always fun. It is not always joyful when you are digging into the not-so-glamorous parts that just have to be done, especially before you have a full team in place to help you. Your key point of leverage is knowing your power.

You have access to an invisible power that other business owners who do not know Christ cannot access. Therefore, your business should be thriving  what others can do.  Once you know and understand the power of YOU, some very specific things begin to happen in your business.

When you know the power of who you are:

  1. You shift from making things happen to expressing who you were created to be.
  2. You move into an oversight role in your business.
  3. You stick to it until you find your success formula.

Expressing who you were created to be sounds so easy, but it is fundamental to your business success. I don’t mean being motivated to DO something. I mean knowing with 100% clarity who you are at the deepest levels so you simply BE and expressing and releasing the greatness that resides inside of you. This take years of self-work and building your relationship with the Lord. This is something you simply cannot fake until you make. You have to put in the time and look at the not-so-pleasant parts of yourself that have been hiding in the cracks and crevices of your life.

What does this have to do with business? Everything.

When you have been called to build a business that impacts and forwards the Kingdom of God, you must bring all of yourself into your business. While the job-world allows you to be just about anybody during the day and hide aspects of your personal issues or hang-ups,  your business will not allow you to hide. Sooner or later your stuff will be exposed.

The ideal process is to take a good, hard look in the mirror and deal with your stuff before it surfaces in your business. The Holy Spirit provides a mirror of where you are versus where God has called you to be. But, we have to be willing to look into that mirror and access that areas of our character, self-worth, identity and capability in which we are underdeveloped.

Once you get your self work done, you will stop sabotaging your business success and move into the position to which you are called – oversight.

Moving into the oversight role in your business means to have the pieces and team in place that allows you to come out of the tactical position of being the only person or main person who deals with clients in your business. While you have to pass through the role of the tactician to develop your skills and expertise, you cannot stay in that role and build a thriving business.

Once you master your craft, it is time to put systems and team members in place who take care of the day-to-day activities of your business so you are freed up to be the true CEO or overseer of your business. You move from doing to steering. You move from owning a job to running a company. This is a critical shift to make so you can identify and stick to your success formula.

Stick to your business until you find your success formula. A formula is a set form of words, as for stating or declaring something definitely or authoritatively, for indicating procedure to be followed, or for prescribed use on some occasion. In the case of business your success formula are the three main things you have to do on a consistent basis to produce definite results. This sounds so easy, but most people quit or are worn down by the challenges of business before they arrive at their success formula.

All-too-often building a business is like the process of inventing. You have to keep trying new things and eliminating what doesn’t work until you arrive at what does work without fail. Your success formula includes three components.

First comes your unique selling point or value proposition. Second is your preferred way to let the marketplace know about your unique selling point. The third part of your success formula is the core daily activity (in your business) that must happen in order for you to capitalize on your unique selling point. Without all three of these ingredients, your business won’t have the clients and customers it needs to not only be sustained, but to thrive.  My success formula is The Power of Jesus (in your business/ministry) + video + 2 hours of marketing/connecting per day.

How do I know that this is my formula? Because I have tried to do it without any one of these things and I do not get the results that my vision entails. When I get all three of these done on a daily basis, everything moves into place.

Without a clear success formula, you can stay busy for years and not be making the impact your business should be making. What is your success formula?

Now, it’s your turn. What is missing from you truly knowing and operating in the full power of who God created you to be in every aspect of your business? Once you identify the areas that need work, carve out time to correct each of these areas so you can leverage the power of YOU to build the business of your God-given dreams.

Dedicated To Your Success,