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After  years of working closely with Christian Women and their businesses, we have learned how we process business a bit differently and that our needs are not being fully met by secular business teachings. We have listened and paid close attention and are so pleased to announce our proprietary Alliance curriculum.

The curriculum is designed to provide a blueprint that addresses the  fundamentals as well as advance business training that will serve your business in catapulting it forward.

It was downloaded by the Lord to Ericka, the Visionary, and she shares it with The Alliance women and those who attend our meetings and national trainings. It is designed to move your business into high-six-figure earnings and easily leverage it into a 7-figure business, so you can make the biggest impact possible through your business.

The module consist of comprehensive training on topics that provide sequenced guidance to build

The Alliance Curriculum is proprietary to The Alliance organization and is taught at Chapter meetings. Members can access past modules and video trainings in the MEMBERS ONLY section that is coming soon.

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