There is a huge difference between owning a job and owning a business (or being a business woman on chess board soloprenuer). Far too many of us own a job, but are not overseeing a business in a calculated and strategic way.

There is a time in your business when a distinct and almost palpable shift needs to be made. You are moving from the one wearing all or most of the hats to truly overseeing the direction, strategy and operations of your business. This is making the move from being a solopreneur to the true CEO of your business.

The sooner you make this shift, the sooner you will be building the company of your God-given dreams.

When you are the owner of your business as a job, you are constantly feeling overwhelmed, stretched and like there is way more to get done than you have the time. You are bogged down with too many administrative and tactical activities and are not freed up to truly operate in your areas of gifting and calling.

You are consumed with the day-to-day movement of your business and not able to get far enough ahead to be strategic and focus on the key moves and decisions that will enable you to build a sustainable and thriving business that will be the livelihood of a supportive and committed team.

When you move into your true CEO, you are able to take a step back, see the big picture and can move your business forward as if you are playing a game of chess. You see how all of the pieces on the board of your business fit together and move forward to achieve your vision and create the wealth that truly impacts not only your life, but the lives of every team member who is a part of bringing the vision to fruition.

Here are a few shifts you can begin making right now to move you into being the true CEO of your organization:

1. Get clear about the things that you do best. Design your time around getting them done.

2. Release the rest to a reliable team member.

Or search for a virtual team member who can handle the important duties that you no longer need to be doing. This can start for as little as $200/month, so it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, but it will free you up to create one.

3. Take time to work ON your business.

When you are in soloprenuer-mode, you are constantly working IN your business. You must, must, must take time daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly to focus on the big picture and think through the strategic process of moving the vision of your business forward.

4. Create accountability.

Locate someone with whom you can be accountable to keeping focused on the eagles-eye view of your business. Another person in the midst of making this shift would be a powerful accountability partner. You may not already know them. They may be at an upcoming networking event or a training seminar. Or you may have to ask around. You are looking for someone in a parallel position, but not in the same industry so it doesn’t set up an awkward competitive energy in your life.

5. Complete the big-picture projects and tasks first.

As you are making this shift, it may feel much more comfortable and familiar to work on the tactical items thinking that once you get them done, THEN you will work on the big stuff. Have you noticed that when you take this approach, you never seem to have enough time and energy left for the big stuff?

Most of all, as I always say, HAVE FUN! Building a business to the glory of the Lord is a huge honor and privilege and with Him in the driver’s seat, it should be a wonderful adventure.

We would love to hear your feedback! Where are you in this process? How can you make it a smoother transition? What are your gifts and the most enjoyable parts of your business?

Dedicated to Your Success,
Ericka and the IACBW Team