I have grown tired of seeing the success of secular women’s businesses while Christian women’s businesses all-too-often lag behind in influence and earnings. You may even find yourself gleaning from their secular practices while trying to uphold your Christian beliefs and teachings. I am a true believer that anything that succeeds in the secular world should be surpassed by Christians because we have something they do not have – Jesus and His Kingdom wealth.

Kingdom wealth is about having an overflow of abundance and prosperity so you can grow the Kingdom of God.  Kingdom wealth is not just limited to financial increase; it also includes an increase in your time, energy, brilliance, knowledge, wisdom, certainty, ease, revelation, power, and unprecedented favor. Kingdom wealth differs from earthly wealth in that it comes from the Lord, is directed by the Lord and is not limited by the natural realm.

You may often hear the word “Kingdom,” but do you truly understand what it means for Christian women business owners? There are two Kingdoms mentioned in the New Testament; the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of Heaven is the already-done Kingdom that exists in the Heavenly realm and holds within it everything you need to excel and prosper upon the Earth. It is already perfected and complete. Through your spiritual walk with the Lord, He provides instruction and direction on how to access the secrets held in the Kingdom of Heaven to be manifested upon the Earth as the Kingdom of God.

It is critical that you openly release the wealth of the Lord that is locked inside of you so you are not perceived like the poor wise man in Ecclesiastes 9: 14 – 17. This poor wise man held the wisdom that delivered his city from the attack of a much more powerful army but was not remembered due to his lack of wealth. You hold infinite amounts of gifting and brilliance yet may hesitate in offering it to others in a way that truly values your expertise, experience and know-how. As a result, far too many Christian women working out of their homes are producing at a level that is beneath that which you are capable.

What will your business look like if you walked in the full power of who you are as a daughter sitting at the right hand of Christ in Heavenly places?

What will it look like when you truly embrace the Father’s love and know you already have permission to fully harness the power of the Kingdom of God that resides within you?

This column is all about harnessing the power of the Kingdom of Heaven to unlock the wealth that it holds for your business, ministry and life. I’m excited to teach on the topic of Kingdom wealth because without you releasing the fullness of your gifting into the world, the Kingdom of God will not be complete.

It is my prayer and intention that this column catapults your business into higher and higher levels of personal, financial and spiritual prosperity. I am so excited to be a part of the CWAHM team that will usher in this new era of women leading the way in business success, accessing the provision of the Lord, and being major influencers in every area of industry.

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