Day-to-Day Clarity in Your Business

By Ericka D. Jackson

This is the time to re-tool your pathway to achieving your BIG vision. This is the time to learn from the things you have been doing that are not producing results. This is the time to re-assess your main gifts and shift your work habits so you can operate in them on a daily basis.

Your wealth is freed up to flow in your direction when you operate in your gifts.

After almost 12 years in business, I woke up the one morning about two months ago and realized that I did not have a clear system that was guiding me in knowing what needed to be done each and every day. Yet, I am often frustrated at the fact that I need help to move to the new levels that I have envisioned.

When I took this to the Lord, He lovingly pointed out that I had entered a new season. This season was all about moving out of the “hustle” mentality in which I had been operating and into a systematized daily process that produced consistent results. Thank Goodness for the Lord! I was not seeing where I had unknowingly veered off-course.

He then guided me in an exercise that changed my life!

I want to share it with you because I don’t think I am the only one who was waking up each morning only relying on what was written on my task list, which was keeping my from the big items that would catapult my business forward. You see, I always had more than enough to do.

As a matter of fact, it always seemed that there was more work to do than I had time to conquer. This process systematized my actions into a succinct and predictable pattern that will easily enable me to expand when it is truly time for me to bring on my first full-time employee in the near future.

Here are the specific steps to create your monthly plan for increased revenue (and streamline your time):You will need a couple of tools for this process. Make sure you have a large sheet of adhesive flip chart paper, space on a wall to post the flip chart paper, a stack of sticky notes and a good-writing pen. Carve out about two hours of time to complete this exercise.

  1. Take the time to really think through all of the tasks that are required to produce consistent results and income in your business.
  2. On each sticky note write one task that you have to get to on a consistent basis. Maybe you need to create your weekly newsletter, make follow-up calls, post new events on your website, make a list of new potential clients for your business, etc. Each item goes on a single sticky note.
  3. Once you have all of the tasks that need to be done in your business on a separate sticky note, post them on the flip chart paper.
  4. Organize the sticky notes in the order in which these tasks need to be done. Start with the first day of the month and think it through to the end of the month.
  5. Label the sticky notes that only you can complete with your initials.
  6. Create a spreadsheet or table that has a column for the day of the month, the task that needs to be completed and who will complete it. Put your name only on those tasks that only you can complete. For now, you may need to execute all of the tasks, but this will help you become very clear about what you will need new team members to do. This will take some time, but it will help keep your mind freed up to release the hundreds of thousands of dollars that is inside of you.
  7.  Block out the necessary time on your calendar and follow your daily system from now on.

Isn’t that amazing? Just knowing exactly what needs to be produced on what day has freed me from feeling like I was always chasing my vision instead of working it in the authority in which I was created to operate.  I hope that this exercise does the same for you. Let me know now this process helps move things to new heights in your life and business. Enjoy!