Take-Time-To-Exercise-To-Achieve-FitnessIt’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of work and forget that there’s more to life, it is so important to remember to take time for you. Our culture and society is that of one in motion. If we want to be able to have enough time in our busy lives, and busy business planning we must take time to include ourselves in those plans.

Mark Twain says it best with; “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.” Sometimes getting started is the hardest part for us. We first have to start with believe that we are worth the time and worth putting ourselves into our tasks list. Soon you will discover your’e not just a task but someone important, of value and that you become first on the list.

I started training with a fitness trainer in January and have discovered so much about myself. I learned how I have always put others first, instead of myself. This is so easy to do, most of us were raised to be kind to others, and put them before you, to love and honor others, and to follow the Golden Rule – to do unto others as you would want them to do to you. These principles of behavior are so wonderful and absolutely true to follow… but I have discovered, with the help of my trainer, that in order to do any of those well, I must first take care of me. How can I truly take care of others, love them and encourage them when I don’t know how to first do it to myself? Even though these are all beautiful things. We ourselves can get easily lost in the mix. We end up loosing sight of our own dreams and desires. The ones that God planted inside of us and the ways in which he wants to see us grow in those areas and expand our gifts. We end up wanting to produce others dreams instead of our own.

My journey of learning how to manage my time, with me included in the plans, has been quite strenuous. I have doubted, questioned and wanted to veto the whole process, but it truly is a choice and that choice is worth fighting for. You will be around longer to help others and to do so with clarity on who you are. You will be in good health, and ready to take on the worlds challenges. You will be able to love others in new ways that will come from a healthy place rather duty or obligation.


Ask the Father to show you an area where he wants you to focus on you. For me, it was gaining my health back and not only physically have I been able to get in shape, but mentally and emotionally. choosing to move forward in this process, has transformed my perception of myself, my capabilities and to where I envision myself going. I am able to believe that the possibilities are endless and that i am capable to do what God has called me to do. I do not have to hide behind the shadow of others or feel that they are more important than myself. The truth is we are all important and have gifts, dreams and desires within us that God fully intends us to use. Its up to us to say yes and make that happen.

Be encouraged, it’s ok to put you first, (and of course your relationship with God) the Father will speak to you and make the journey clear, it is not always easy but its worth the pains and aches, because it becomes so minimal when you get through it. It is all a sign of growth and expansion. We live in a world of free will, lets use it to gain access to the things that heaven is pouring out over us and to gain who we are, instead of get lost in who others are. Its time to stand up and stand out. Begin the process of making your dreams happen.

Already in the process of making your dreams happen? I have had idea’s bustling in my mind since I was a child. Dreaming of what I wanted to do, achieve and receive. I have had ideas about writing books, designing products and staying connected to my love for children. The first step to making your dreams happen and achieve your goals is to think,dream, and speak it out. its the first process of creation.

This past week I actually sat down with a good friend of mine, Brigitta Dewell who is a designer/illustrator. Here are some photos of her working on illustrating a children’s book about her adventures from studying abroad last semester.



and we were able to discuss design planning for my ideas. I was so happy to realize no matter how long the process may take, I need to take that first step and just go for it. I also have always wanted to create step-by-step by doing what I can afford and not get into debt in the process. Even though i will have to get everything designed and illustrated over time, it will get done and it will get done debt free! Start dreaming, believing and achieving… when you put your mind to it, and speak it into being the possibilities are endless.

Dedicated To Your Success,

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