One of the nicknames a dear friend of mine calls me is, “Number 5.” I may be dating myself, but wayyyy back in the 1980’s there was this movie called Short Circuit, that starred Ally Sheedy. She played alongside a robot who could read books in a matter of minutes. He would plow through book after book. My voracious appetite for continuous quality improvement means that I love reading books that will fill in the gaps for what I need to move to my next level.

This keeps my mind strong. And it helps me to know what the process of achievement really looks like behind the scenes, so I can easily glide through even the rough days.

When your mind is strong, it is easy to stay focused and moving forward no matter what comes your way (even through a pandemic). I share the books I am using to keep my mind sharp right now. What books are you reading and why? I look forward to hearing from you! – Ericka