The Lord is really showing me where my old wiring is standing in the way of the success I am bullseyecalled to manifest. You see, we, as women, are wired to make things beautiful and comfortable. We will spend time working on lovely logos, beautiful websites, social media posts, cute videos, snazzy taglines, great pictures, fabulous colors, powerful landing pages, etc., all to make things beautiful and make people feel welcomed. How do I say this…we have been wired to take the long route.
But, these same principles do not apply to the bottom line of why we are in business – to make income that impacts lives. In business, the success goes to the ones who have learned to take the shortest and leanest path to manifestation. In other words, those who have mastered the most basic principle of business – it is about us having something of value, letting people know about it in a direct way, and exchanging their finances for our value. The word for this process is sales.
Far too many of our businesses are lovely, but are not making sales. It is time to get back to basics. What do you have to offer? Who needs and can afford what you have to offer? Let them know you have it to offer. How? Simply by writing out a prospect list, picking up the phone and having a conversation to let people know you care and once you listen, you will know if they are ready to value what you have to offer.
We have beautified business (this has not been a bad thing in past seasons, it is just a different season) and now it is time to add some sales to that beauty.
I am putting a challenge out there to all of us – let’s pick up the phone and have conversations (you’ll have to leave messages first) with the people God is sending us to honor our value with their finances.
1) What is your offering (keep it simple)?
2) Who do you know that needs what you are offering (make a list),
3) Pick up the phone and call them (or email and let them know that you want to connect to see where things are in their lives).
4) Ask questions about them and listen.
5) If – and only if – what you have to offer will enrich where they are trying to go, let them know what you have available.
6) Love on them and keep in touch.
It is time to get back to basics. This does not take a website, a landing page, an opt-in offer, a great logo, a stunning headshot or anything. We have made the art of doing business complicated. Simplify and lets make some serious sales next week.