Business thinking woman with chat bubbles isolatedHaving new, fresh, relevant content can make or break your business success. Yet most business owners struggle with coming up with ideas that no one else has already originated. All-too-often you may find yourself scouring the internet, magazine and newspaper headlines, other people’s marketing letters, and what industry influencers have done to create their content.

I have even listened to others share how they create content for their business and without fail they instructed me to have a “swipe” file – a file of other people’s ideas, teachings and marketing messages – that I can always borrow or duplicate. Or they tell me to look at what is working for others and duplicate it.

This seldom works effectively. You end up sounding like someone else. You end up gleaning from others original ideas. That never felt right to me. I remember seeing a post of Facebook once when someone was frustrated and asking, “Why is everyone’s stuff the same!? Why is everyone doing the same thing!?”

This has become so normal in business that if you are the first to market with a new, innovative idea, it won’t be long before everyone else is copying your ideas and putting their own little spin on it.

I refused to regurgitate what others were already doing. I needed to create original content so people would know that what I taught cannot be found anywhere else in the world. I dug in to discover a process that would yield unlimited ideas, insights, tips, tools and techniques that no one else had.

I do not keep a swipe file. The only file I have has hundreds and hundreds of teaching points, ideas and insights that are mine and mine alone.

After years of trial and error, I discovered a process that enables me to tap into an unlimited source of never-before-heard content that has transformed the lives, businesses and ministries of many people. I have perfected a process that provides me with so much new content, insights and teaching points to share that it will take me the next 5 years to release all of it. And I am constantly getting new content that has never been heard before.

When you tap into your own content, you become magnetic and clients and potential clients keep returning to your website, blogs, social media pages and program and product offerings because they know that you are always in touch with where they are, what they need and what will move them forward to reach their goals and manifest their vision.

I am an avid collector of business success stories. I remember one story about Martha Stewart as she pitched her magazine idea to a publishing house. She chose a July issue to pitch and although the publisher really liked what she put together, he said, “This is great, but what about next July?” Martha replied, “I have enough ideas for a 100 July’s.”

This really struck me because at the time when I was reading this, I was really struggling with finding my own voice, teachings and had no idea how to figure it out. The best I could do was to brainstorm ideas, but I still didn’t understand how to bridge my ideas into new, fresh and relevant content that would mean a lot to my clients and set what I have to offer apart from anyone else.

It goes beyond looking at what others are asking for. It is about being deeply in touch with your own expertise, wisdom and know-how.

Here are some of the secrets I use to continually come up with original content that keeps people coming back for more:

  1. Take some time to observe those who already know your work. What are their frustrations, needs and challenges? You can do this without the typical survey that you may have been instructed to take.
  2. Use the power of your journal and notes from your past. You are always 2-4 years beyond your target market. What know-how brought you from where you were 2-4 years ago to where you are today? What information were you missing at the time that you have now that would have been life-changing for you at the time?
  3. Dig deeper. Don’t assume that others know how to do what you have mastered. Take the time to expound on what comes easily to you because it is a gift or your past experience.

There are 8 ways that you can tap into your very own, unique message that keeps pouring out new relevant content to share and have a continual stream of people lined up to hear what you have to say.

I will be sharing all 8 ways this Thursday in a live teleclass, Creating Magnetic Content: The 8 Ways to Tap Into Your Unique Marketing Message That Keeps Them Coming Back For More.

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