Remember when you were a child and saw something bright and shiny on the sidewalk? You probably ran to it hoping it was a coin or you may have even imagined that it was a piece of gold from a treasure chest that someone just might have accidentally dropped. Whatever you thought it was, for a few brief moments, your heart raced and you sped up hoping to see if it was something valuable.

As adults, we can find ourselves still chasing that bright, shiny object. We just do it differently. Now, it looks like marketing tactics another business owner used to bring in an influx of income and increase their strategy- reduced

While learning from others is a good thing, you have to be diligent in knowing the best-fit marketing for your business and the unique way God wired you. After more than 7 years in the business-building laboratory with other business women, I have found that most business owners really aren’t clear about the difference between a marketing strategy and cut, bright, shine tactics that produce spurts of income, but not consistent, long-term revenue.

As a result of this lack of clarity, you keep experimenting with new and different ideas and tactics so you can find value in the bright, shiny object. But, when you try the tactic in your business, it usually is not what you thought it was so you keep looking for the next thing.

In marketing, this looks like running to different attempts to get more customers and make more sales that worked for someone else’s business, but it leaves your brand watered-down and your potential customers confused due to a lack of consistency. On top of it all, you are also out of some money because it cost you to attend that person’s tele-class, webinar, or training program.

When you have a sound marketing strategy and not just some short-term, panic-based idea you are hoping will work, you will be able to truly enjoy the process of sharing your message with those who need what your business offers.

Your capacity as a business owner, your gifts, passions and vision differs from anyone else’s and all of this needs to be taken into account when creating a marketing strategy.

Your tactics are the actions you take to achieve your strategy.

Your marketing strategy entails the goal that you desire to achieve. How many people do you need to reach and convert into sales in order to meet your sales goals? Your marketing strategy is how you plan on reaching them. Your marketing tactics are the execution of the steps it will take to manifest your goal.

Following bright, shiny marketing tactics are often based in fear and panic. Strategies are based in vision and faith.

Well researched and thought-out marketing tactics provide the map of the steps you will take to implement your marketing strategy. Most businesses place flashy tactics on top of flashy tactic with no long-term strategy or plan.

Here are a few pointers to make the transition from tactics to sound, long-term strategy:

  1. Know your message.
  2. Know your gifts.
  3. Know your revenue model.

Your message is your unique selling proposition or what sets you apart from other businesses in a similar space. What is your edge? What do you do better and differently than your competitors? Perhaps your unique selling proposition is that you can pinpoint your product delivery time within an hour to save your customers time. Or, perhaps it is the advanced knowledge and expertise that you have over your competitors.

Your gifts are comprised of your God-given passions and natural abilities. They come naturally and easily to you. For example, you may have a gift of loving people and it shows up in giving your clients an extraordinary customer service experience.

Your revenue model is part of your business model and easily explains your design for successful operation and how you plan on bringing in the revenue your business needs to thrive. Your revenue model identifies which revenue sources to pursue, what value to offer, how to price the value, and who pays for the value.

Once you know your message, gifts and revenue model, you can build a powerful strategy of marketing success and execute your strategy with sustainable and proven tactics that produce your desired outcomes.

Instead of running to the next bright, shiny marketing tactic you hear about, stay true to your strategy. Whatever you do consistently will produce results. What was the last bright shiny marketing tactic that you ran toward? Did it produce the results you desired?

Dedicated to Your Success,

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[Ericka D James, The Results Accelerator, is a master trainer and business expansion expert who works with business owners, training them to step into their full power and value to build high-impact businesses. She also oversees ministries that transform the world through the Kingdom Minister’s Association, a training and empowerment organization for ministers called beyond the walls of the church. Learn more about her life’s work at and www.]