A big business is one that creates products or services that have great impact in the marketplace with a team who is fully committed to building a company that makes a big difference in people’s lives.

While there are women who are hired as CEO’s of other’s businesses, there are not enough women who have founded businesses that are sizeable and even less Christian women business owners.

This became all-too-clear as I was browsing the list of the 15 richest women in the world. I was astounded to notice that 100% of the women either inherited their wealth that their father or grandfather built or married into their inheritance. This was confirmed as I read the Forbes list of the most powerful women in business. Out of fifty women, not a single one was the head of a company she actually founded.

This was a true wake-up call to me. It is time for women to step up our game of creating businesses of impact to steward for generations. We are living in unprecedented times when women are being called to the forefront to lead and build businesses like never before.

When women win big, everyone wins big. When a woman is at the helm of directing wealth, it impacts not only our households and the households of our employees, but is impacts our communities, churches, regions and can create a ripple effect nationally and internationally. This creates a huge need and opportunity for women to build businesses of impact.

According to American City Business Journals, women-owned businesses are a fast-growing segment of the U.S. economy, expected to comprise 39 percent of all businesses by 2017. Their findings revealed key differences and similarities between men and women-owned businesses as well as profile characteristics, motivations and work-ethic of women-owned businesses.

If that is not enough to convince you to expand your thinking about the potential of growing your business big, let these ten reasons help:

  1. Businesses create solutions for others.
  2. When women release their greatness through their businesses, it frees others up to release theirs.
  3. God needs you to build a Kingdom storehouse.
  4. Manifesting wealth is a part of a true representation of Jesus upon the earth.
  5. More money and resources to share means a greater impact other’s lives.
  6. Creating wealth through your business breaks the old pattern of the bondage of women we often see in the Body of Christ.
  7. Giving people jobs creates a positive ripple effect.
  8. You are full of passion and power that needs to be expressed.
  9. When women win everybody wins.
  10. The challenge of taking the limits off of your business.

It is time to take your mind set up several notches and get busy building your business big.

The first step in making this happen is increasing your faith that you have all that you need right now to make a huge shift in your business. Next, you must get rid of over-busyness. Being overly busy keeps you bogged down and stagnate. Get clear about the things that only you can do so you can get everything else off of your plate as soon as possible. Then, focus in and clear your plate of everything that is not moving you forward.

Building a business of impact is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Find your pace and keep moving forward no matter what. Most of all, enjoy the process of building your business big!

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Dedicated to Your Success,