As women in business, we do not always pay close attention to the numbers. Far too often we have not plotted out exactly what we are doing to do to make the monthly income to cover both our business expenses and to pay ourselves the salary we really need.

Being the RainmakerThe ability to easily create the income you need in your business is called rainmaking. You are the rainmaker of your business. With the Lord being the Master rainmaker, the responsibility of making rain in your business has been delegated to you from Jesus, the Master Rainmaker.

Making rain in your business is a requirement that you must master and focus on daily. While women are usually good at creating connections, we are not always masterful in turning those connections into income. This is the gift of the rainmaker.

Yet, you may desire to delegate the role of the rainmaker before you have even mastered it. In order for the Lord to bring you junior rainmakers, you first must become a master at making rain and creating income and momentum in your business. Otherwise, you have given this important and critical piece of the vision to someone to whom it was not assigned from the Lord.

The first step to being an masterful rainmaker is to realize and fully embrace the fact that you are the rainmaker in your business. Then, you must take on the characteristics of a rainmaker:

  1. She is clear about power of rainmaking and walks in it with ease and grace.
  2. She does whatever it takes to master rainmaking.
  3. Once she masters rainmaking, she teaches others how to make rain in order to expand and multiply her efforts.
  4. She is diligent and consistent about her rainmaking activities and does them on a daily basis.
  5. She knows that making rain is her primary function and everything else is secondary and supports her rainmaking process.

In order to move forward as the rainmaker, it is imperative that you know exactly what dollar amount is required for your business to thrive. The next step is to figure out how you are going to generate that income.

It is imperative that you clearly understand the difference between support functions and Income Producing Activties. All too often, you may spend your time getting ready, getting set, but not actually creating income. It is time to make the full shift into being comfortable producing income.

When are you doing to get your rainmaking done? It is not enough to know what you need to make, you must block out the time you need to execute your IPA’s. The key is to do your IPA’s each and every day, even if you have a full-client or contract-load.
This is when business becomes exciting! This is when you deeply connect with the God given power that is inside of you to be the very best you are called to be. This is a place that many women never make the conversion from talking about what we desire to do with our businesses and moving it from a hobby-level endeavor to a fully capitalized and functioning business. What a great adventure!

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