As you move forward in the process of building your vision, something very special happens.God begins to add His “Super” to your “natural.”

You begin to more easily complete tasks and projects that have been on your To-Do list for weeks, months or even years.

You notice that your phone is ringing more often with people inquiring about being your client, purchasing your company’s products and wanting to enroll in your programs and it is happening with less effort on your part.

You find yourself in environments with others who are further along in their business success than you and it excites you!

You may be wondering what to call what is happening to you. It is called upleveling.

Upleveling is the spiritual process of moving to new levels, dimensions and heights of success due to an increase in your capacity for greatness.

When you are moved to a new level, you access more and more of your inner God-given greatness and are able to express and release your greatness into the world with ever-increasing ease.

But there is a side to upleveling that people rarely discuss.

It is only discussed once you reach a new level and are sitting in the presence of others who have upleveled to that altitude. It is whispered. It is hushed. It is discussed only after glancing over one’s shoulder to see if anyone else is listening.

Uplevel can cause upheaval in our lives because you are no longer satisfied with the way things have been. You are truly operating in a new way and your old ways will no longer do.

Embrace your uplevel. Don’t resist it.

You have worked hard and it is your time to truly enjoy some of the fruits of your labor.

A powerful question you can ask yourself to make sure you are not resisting during your process of upleveling is, “What am I holding on to that is preventing or slowing me down from upleveling?”

There is so much talk about how lonely it is at the top that you can find yourself resisting going there to find out for yourself.

This is the time to take a good look at any remaining negative associations you may have with arriving at the success you have desired and for which you have worked.

The most important thing to remember as you are upleveling is to intentionally connect with others who are in the process of upleveling.

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Here’s to happy upleveling!

Dedicated to Your Success,