I distinctly remember the moment I made the decision. I remember thinking, “There has to be a better way…”

As a single mother called to build a business that involved speaking and training, there just had to be a better way than living out of suitcases, logging countless frequent flyer miles on airplanes and being gone 300+ days of the year for in order to have a thriving speaking and training business.

With a beautiful five-year old laying down for the night in the next room, I was left with the glaring silence of my thoughts. I made the decision right then and there that I would find a way to reach people around the world sitting right there at my desk. There just HAD to be a way…

And there was. Even with as new as the internet was in the late 90’s, I knew that it held the answers I was seeking. Then a mentor of mine handed me a set of cassette tapes (yes! cassette tapes) on using the innovation of tele-classes to realize that I was on to something big.

I continued my coaching business during the day and at night I added another shift after my daughter went to bed that was jammed with studying the process of harnessing the power of the internet to reach people anywhere in the country and world.

I tried many different approaches over the years and kept what worked until I created a hybrid offline and online formula off of which would yield more than enough revenue for me, my daughter and my business to live. It has been working and is reaching more and more people every day.

Since then I was called into ministry and applied the same principles and process to building an international ministry. Now I run both an international business and ministry.

That five-year old little girl is now 19 and has moved out to pursue her calling of being a television and film actor. The world of the internet has grown in staggering proportions since then and it has become an overwhelming mammoth for most business owners to attempt to manage.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Once you learn how to harness the power of eMarketing, you will be freed up to enjoy your business again. It will actually be fun to connect with people all over the world and your income will quickly increase so you can truly build the business of your heart’s desire (and the one God called you to build).

With the right approach and process, your business can grow exponentially in record time. And it doesn’t have to take the hours and hours of the third-shift living I endured for years to learn and unlock your eMarketing genius.

But, how do u know when it is time to expand to mastering this part of your business?

Here are a few pointers for you so you know when to seriously consider adding a strong eMarketing strategy to your business:

1. When you don’t feel like adding another thing to your plate. Right when you don’t feel like it is when it will be the most beneficial to your business.

2. When you are feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up your business activities. Your overwhelm is telling you that it is time to try another approach that reaches more people with less effort.
3. When you do not feel excited about learning to market online. If it all just seems like too much, then it is time for a mindset shift to realize that once you reduce your learning curve, you will be every excited about the endless possibilities.

4. When you like what someone else is doing online in their business and you wonder, “How are they doing that?” or “I wish I could do that in my business.”

5. When your bank account is not reflecting all the ideas, expertise, knowledge, and genius that is trapped inside of you. This is telling you that there is another direction in which God is trying to steer your business.

6. If your target market is asking for more and you haven’t had time to respond to the requests. There is no faster and more effective way to share all you have to offer with your target market than by using eMarketing.

7. If your business is feeling heavy and cumbersome because you are constantly having to pursue potential clients that are only in your area to work with and exchange your time for billable hours. Then, it is time to expand your horizons and learn to lighten your load by blending the power of online marketing with your current business model.

If it is time to create a powerful eMarketing business the first place to start is being clear about your natural gifts so it feels fun, light and easy to expand your marketing efforts with a strong eMarketing model.

If you are ready to realize and release you inner eMarketing genius, I will be sharing the top 8 techniques it took years for me to learn for the eMarketing model I have mastered. For the very first time, I will teach you how to customize it for your gifts, preferences and business model this Thursday in Stand Out From The Crowd: 8 Techniques to Becoming an e-Marketing Genius. Click here for full details.

Dedicated to your success,