There is a word for the process of God moving you into new dimensions and levels of success and achievement – upleveling.

Upleveling is the mental, spiritual and physical process of moving to new levels, dimensions and heights of success due to an increase in your capacity for greatness.

When you are moved to a new level, you access more and more of your God-given greatness and are able to express and release your genius into the world with ever-increasing ease.

When you uplevel, it is a palpable and clear shift that you can feel as you move to new heights.

Upleveling is powerful but seldom discussed part of the process of moving your vision forward.

Here are a few rules of upleveling that will help you navigate your elevation so you can enjoy a smooth transition into new heights of success:

1. The old must go. You cannot take the old beliefs, habits, mindsets or patterns into your new reality. Take some time to identify that old behaviors that are no longer supporting where you are and where you are going.

2. Everyone cannot come with you. You will see a shift in your relationships with you as you move into new heights and dimensions of success. This can be an emotional experience. Remember that there are plenty of new friends and acquaintances who will welcome you to the new level with open arms.

3. Clean up the inconsistencies. What are those areas that are no longer consistent with who you’ve become? Make sure you close the gaps of inconsistency as you move upward and onward.

 4. It is not about you. As your work gets out in the world, make sure you have done your self-work so you can stay grounded and a avoid becoming arrogant or walking in false humility.

5. Stay focused. As more and more people become familiar with your name and work, you will experience increased opportunities coming your way. Make sure you remain focused on your business priorities so your energy does not become too scattered.

6. Manage the isolation and share more of yourself at the same time. One of the challenges with upleveling is that you become more public and can feel more alone simultaneously Remember to make sure you are well- rested, take quiet time to remain balanced and take even better care of yourself.

7. There may be counterfeits. One your way to new growth and progress, you will meet a lot of “counterfeits.” A counterfeit is a person who says they can help you, but they really aren’t assigned to the vision so they don’t last. I always think of counterfeits as those sent to better prepare me for the ones God set aside to help me move ahead.  Be grateful for the counterfeits because they prepare you to be ready for your dream team.

Success is all about the quiet work you do in the background while no one is looking.

Be present to the process and relish the time you have to yourself because one day soon those moments of quiet intention will be traded in for people seeking out your gifts, talent and expertise.

Here’s to smooth transitions and happy upleveling!

Dedicated to Your Success,

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