We had an incredible meeting last night! We met in the more intimate setting of a restaurant and were able to get to know each other and our businesses on a new level. We shared our 2011 goals and I have to say that I am so excited to hear all that TAG members are going to be achieving in 2011!

We shared goals that ranged from clothing lines going international, number of books being sold, elected offices that are being pursued, and thousands and thousands of lives being impacted by the messages the Lord has placed within us.

As I looked around the table, I knew in my spirit that I was looking at a team of women who hold the power to change the world.

We unveiled the new membership levels and what each level entails. We are working behind the scenes to truly be a full provider of the key things your business needs to keep you freed up to operate in your gifting, which is where the revenue is. We will be continually adding to our membership levels as we kick off the new structure on April 1st before our next meeting on the 15th of April.

We learned about the hidden power of the Product Pyramid and how working our businesses with this model explodes your profits and reaches thousands upon thousands of people around the world. You could literally see the “A-ha” moments and the light bulbs of brilliance going off in the minds and spirits of each woman around the table. This model enables you to profit from reaching many, many more people than the traditional business model allows you to reach.

We are so excited to be guiding each and every TAG member through this incredible structure that will position you as an expert in your field, release all of the wisdom and revelation the Lord has placed within you and produce good fruit in your business; all allowing you to operate in your full power, dominion and authority in the industry to which you have been called.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. For those of you not in the Raleigh area, we will be coming out with ways to help promote and support your business from where ever you are. We are focusing on getting the local businesses producing good fruit and then we will be sharing our meeting recordings and teachings with you.

I guess it all boils down to…the best is yet to come. Have a remarkable week and we’ll talk to you soon!

To His Glory,